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Hi, I'm Ese!

Business Coach, Purpose Driven, Tea Obsessed


A purposeful woman is no ordinary entrepreneur. She’s fearless, oozes soul and uses her unique super powers to build a profitable business with less stress and more purpose.

A purposeful woman doesn’t just start her business to make money like others do. She starts her business to help others while also living the life of her wildest dreams.

She wants to be happy and makes a difference because she knows she wasn’t created to just pay bills and die (can I get an amen?!) but to START SOMETHING THAT MATTERS.

Sound familiar? That's because deep down you know this is who you were called to be. You know this is ultimately WHO YOU ARE! But maybe you...

  • Have no BIZ idea and stuck on how to find one that you’ll LOVE (so important)
  • No clue of where to start or how to make the idea you do have a success
  • Have a serious case of procrastination-itist and need a swift kick up the derriere to get ish done
  • You're drowning in tech overwhelm and you just want to share you message with the world

No matter where you are in your entrepreneur journey (even if its non existent) you want to do something YOU LOVE that also gives you financial freedom and lights you up inside

You want to harness your inner passions to make an impact in the world.

You want to be contribute financially and be a role model for your family, that, heck yeah!, I can follow my dreams.

You’re determined this is your year of #NoExcuses and READY to invest in yourself to start your freedom business and potentially leave your 9 – 5 for good!

And I’m here as you guide to help bring into the world the vision you have that will bring you the joy you deserve and changes to the peoples lives you serve like the purposeful woman you are.

Hey, I’m Ese Eniwumide (pronounced just like the Es-say you write but a million times more fabulous) and as well as aromatic South African tea (love me some rooibos/red bush), I’m totally OBSESSED with helping women find their purpose and unleash their dream biz super power – you didn’t even know you had.

But how did this become my life?!

(Well we’re really about to go down memory lane so I hope you’ve got your hiking boots...)

Have you ever had a job that you hated? And I don’t mean the usually post-weekend why-is-it-Monday hated, I mean If-I-just-get-clipped-by-a-car-not-enough-to-really-be-injured-but-just-enough-to-have-a-couple-of-weeks-off-work HATED! Yes, this was something I seriously discussed with my husband (fiancé then) who rightly told me I was crazy.

But that was my life in 2010 as a “successful” investment banker, who worked 16-18 hour days (no exaggeration) plus every weekends. Earning nearly a 6-figure salary that I didn’t even have time to spend and slowly slipping into depression.

So... I quit. (Okay, okay, I admit, it was after nearly 3 years there, as I stayed just long enough to help pay for an expensive 400 guest wedding. What? Can’t a girl enjoy a few perks). I took another finance related job at half the pay (but half the hours) and I was happy(-ish).


But if I though those were hard times, things were about to get a whole lot worse...

> Pause <

Now I’ve debated whether to share my difficulties in my pursuit of a family, for fear of being judged for oversharing or being accused of using my grief as a way to gain sympathy blah blah blah. 

But I’m a gal who likes to practice what I preach and anyone who has worked with me knows how important I believe your individual experiences are in shaping who you are and is a HUGE factor in what business you start...so I'll ignore the nay sayers

> Okay...and we're back <

The idea for my first business came at my baby shower when pregnant less than a year after the tragic stillbirth of my baby girl :'(. So not wanting to jinx things we decided this time not to reveal the gender which meant lots of whites, creams and yellows. So once my beautiful joy and heartbeat was born, with lashes that rival a giraffe’s, everyone though he was a girl – someone even thought Jude was short for Judith! (To be honest, it doesn't help that my sisters and I call him Ju-dee in a high pitched voice lol)

OMG...those lashes!

OMG...those lashes!

So I started my first business on maternity leave (yep I said first business as this crazy entrepreneur did this twice!). It was a unique baby wear product biz called Turnouts: boy-to-girl reversible babywear, with pinks on one side and blues on the other – the perfect shower baby gift for when the gender is unknown (I can recite that elevator pitch in my sleep!).

Turnouts was a hit!

Turnouts winning.jpeg

Orders were (and still are) streaming in and within 9 months we were in 10 stores around the UK, had won 4 awards and I was named one of the top 100 mumpreneurs by Mumpreneur UK.

On the surface I was ecstatic and living the dream...but something felt off.

I realised that even though I had a product that I and the public loved, and I was even serving my an amazing audience - yummy mummies - it was not in a way that was aligned with my key skills and passions, so I soon started to feel disconnected.

There’s so much truth in trusting your instinct, but it took another blow to realise this

My tiny 5 pounder of a baby was no longer a baby! He was fully into his terrific twos when we discovered we were expecting TWINS! Coming from a 12 sibling family – even I don’t know how – Hubby and I were ecstatic!

We moved from our cute 1 bed place near the centre of town to a 4 bed house in the leafy London suburbs and we were frantically trying to get ready for the beautiful chaos that was about to descend.

But life wasn’t finished with our share of lemons :'(

Our twin boys were stillborn at the same gestation as our daughter before and once again our world was shattered but this time deeper than ever before! First anger, then grief, followed by depression came to visit. All leaving an invisible scar that will take a lifetime to heal.

But slowly by slowly, with my hubby who had been by my side the last 12 years (childhood sweethearts), the best family in the world and my Christian faith, the clouds started clearing and I started contemplating. And after reading Rick Warrens “The Purpose Driven Life”, I got to thinking about my purpose in every aspect of my life – including my business.

I went back to basics and asked myself one simple question...


“Ding!” that was my light bulb moment

The answer was clear as day (well not a London day as it’s usually grey and cloudy but you get my drift) – I simply love HELPING people. I looked at my existing skills, then thought of who I’d love to help, what could I help with (I mean, I had just built up a multi-award winning business) and when it all clicked into place, A Purposeful Woman (formerly Maternity Business Academy) was born. 

And I’ve never looked back!

My business has been thriving through my unique approach of discovering your Business S.H.A.P.E and aligning your freedom business with your purpose. Delivered through my online training and one-to-one coaching, it is giving me the sense of purpose and freedom that I’ve always dreamed of; to live life to the full in faith with my 2 favourite boys* 


  And now I want to help you!

Over the course of working with hundreds of clients, I’ve developed approaches to help you with every stage of your business, from biz idea to fully scaling your biz to the next level. And I’ve been an entrepreneur long enough to know the reason many people slip up.

The objective is always the same: identify the work that aligns with your purpose and the area where you’ve got the skills and background to smash the competition.


That was a lot!

I’m seriously impressed you’re still with me all the way down here.

But before you go, I want to invite you to join my community of action takers #NoExcuses. This community is a place where you can surround yourself with likeminded people who just “get” you and are also trying to make big things happen in their businesses.

Plus this is where I shared loads of goodies like worksheets, e-books, nifty spreadsheet templates, exclusive masterclasses (which, to be honest, is better than some people paid stuff) and so much more.

So if this is the year you decide to FINALLY start or seriously grow your business - for real this time - then I'd love to help you on this extraordinary journey (and hold on tight as it's gonna be a hell of a ride).

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*** Special Update ***

Since starting my business and writing this about page, our family has grown and I've got my own mini me (yes I know she looks more like my husband but she me in spirit! lol).

She is such a calm, content and happy baby 🙌🏾 God really knows how to send you what you need when you need it as although one child can never replace another, she’s like my 'bio oil' helping the scars fade.