Ese has changed my life. Every ounce of the training provided has guided me into the right business for ME and my family. So if you want your life to be the BEST it can possibly be, get yourself into this course.

- Ashley Kay, -

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A purposeful woman designs her biz and life with faith + consistent action on purpose!

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Need a roadmap on how to finally scale to $10k+ months and beyond? Book your FREE Personalised Profit Plan



So you already know the business you want to start but you need the right support to actually get it off the ground


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Tired of the guesswork and ready to be shown step-by-step exactly how to scale with funnels and automation

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hey hey! ready to earn with ese? know how so many people want to start businesses... ...but they have no idea where to even start, and just end up feeling too overwhelmed to get it off the ground?

Well that's where I come in...

I'm Ese Eniwumide (pronounced Es-say, just like the ones you write only a million times more fabulous) and my superpower is taking women from aspiring entrepreneur, to full-blown purposeful business owner, teaching them how to take strategic and CONSISTENT action so they can make the magic happen, and start living the dream.

I focus a lot on starting a business… 'cause y'know, we all have to start somewhere. And having started 2 of my own, (and countless smaller side hustles) I personally know how hard (but vital) it is to take that first step.

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Join the #CEOsquad in the FREE online community of other purposeful women

who are committed to taking CONSISTENT ACTION where you get support, accountability, live masterclasses and invaluable feedback


I've spent a lot on money on different programs and I have not learnt as much as I've learnt in Ese's program. She is so thorough...that's what I'm most impressed with. She is probably one of the best coaches that I've seen in a while.

- Dee Sturgill, @cultivatingyourgenius -